Korres Red Grape Sunscreen Tinted Face Cream SPF30 , Antiageing , Antispot ,50ml.

With plant red grape stem cells

Tinted sun protection cream for complete daily face care clinically proven antispot action.

Based on a red grape stem cell active; derived from a rare grape cultivar which has red flesh and red juice due to a high anthocyanin content and is tolerant to strong UV radiation. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants and free radical scavengers. The formulation is based on red grape stem cells obtained using PhytoCellTec technology which involves wounding part of the plant to induce the formation of callus cells. This wound-healing tissue consists of dedifferentiated cells that are stem cells. These callus cells are harvested and cultivated in suspension.

Korres Red Grape Sunscreen TINTED Face Cream SPF30 , Antiageing , Antispot ,50ml

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