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Korres White Tea Moisturizing Body Milk 125ml.

Moisturizing lotion rich in vitamins and minerals, source of energy for the skin. Sweet, delicate, fresh and refreshing. With notes of freesia and bergamot flowers.
White tea: sweet, delicate, fresh, refreshing but also sensual. Freesia, the past for China's old aristocrats, the most valuable tea blend even today. The essence of an unequal, blooming countryside that shows the eternal beauty of a carefree moment from the intense happy glow of these recently cut flowers in the shape of a funnel.
Bergamot: Great Mediterranean summer evenings, carrying the scent of polite bergamot through the breeze, also known as Prince's Pear, a suitable title for what is considered the best of citrus notes. Crispy but much richer and more complete

Korres White Tea Moisturizing Body Milk 125ml

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