Apivita Aqua Beelicious Oil-Free Hydrating Gel-Cream Light Texture,40ml


97% natural origin

  • Delivers instant and long-lasting hydration & freshness  
  • Rebalances skin oiliness for a matte complexion
  • Oil-free cream-gel texture / Ideal make-up base

Lightweight gel-cream expertly formulated with a flower fusion of cistus, iris, wild rose and honey, all super-hydrating ingredients to replenish immediately skin’s moisture reserves. Oil-free composition ideal for oily-combination skin.

  • Offers instant, long lasting hydration and freshness with flowers extract, honey, aloe and hyaluronic acid
  • Rebalances skin oiliness offering a matte complexion with lotus
  • Provides antioxidant protection and protection against environmental aggressors, with patented propolis extract and rosehip infusion
  • Revitalizes the skin, with rose essential oil
  • Creates a perfect way for make-up 

Water in this composition has been replaced by an antioxidant wild rose infusion.


Clinical results proven effectiveness*


Observed Immediate Hydration And Dewy Skin


Immediately Feel Their Skin Matte

* % Satisfaction, Self evaluation clinical study, 30 women with oily and mixed skin, 20-30 years old, application 28 days once per day



Apivita Aqua Beelicious Oil-Free Hydrating Gel-Cream Light Texture,40ml

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