Apivita Gentle Foam Cleanser for the intimate area, Intimate Lady,Protects from Dryness,200ml.

92% natural origin

  • Offers intensive moisturization & a soothing effect
  • Respects the pH and the natural flora of sensitive area
  • Helps during menopause or with dryness

Gentle daily cleansing gel ideal for menopause and vaginal dryness. It alleviates irritations and itching, moisturizes and offers a sensation of comfort.

  • Bioactive aloe, glycerin and organic geranium essential oil moisturize, soothe and gently protect the intimate area.
  • Propolis, natural oligosaccharides and natural lipoaminoacids prevent proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Panthenol and allantoin with organic chamomile infusion, alleviate irritations.
  • Lactic acid helps protect the natural flora of the intimate area, while restoring pH levels.
  • It provides a sensation of comfort, and is recommended for menopause or vaginal dryness.



Apivita Gentle Foam Cleanser, Intimate Lady,Protects from Dryness,200ml

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