Apivita Oily & Dry Dandruff Relief Hair Oil, 50ml.

100% natural origin

  • Soothes itchy scalp 
  • Reduces flakes & prevents their reappearance
  • Hydrates and nourishes scalp

Dandruff Relief Oil is enriched with propolis and 4 carefully selected essential oils to offer an intensive treatment against dry and oily dandruff:


• Offers immediate relief from itching thanks to lavender essential oil.

• Reduces flakes and prevents their reappearance with celery seed natural extract.
• Prevents the development of microorganisms related to dandruff while restoring the scalp's natural flora thanks to antimicrobial propolis extract and tea tree, cedar and rosemary essential oils.
• Moisturizes scalp and nourishes hair with vitamin E and jojoba and oat oils.

Clinical results proven effectiveness*


Reduces The Number Of Dandruff Flakes


Reduces Itching


Hair Is Not Oily After Washing Off

% Satisfaction self evaluation clinical study, 30 men and women with dry and oily dandruff, , 4 weeks



Apivita Oily & Dry Dandruff Relief Hair Oil, 50ml

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