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Apivita Bee Radiant Smoothing & Reboot Night Gel-Balm,with White Peony, 50ml.

96% natural origin

  • Prevents, delays and repairs developing signs of aging
  • Reboots and detoxifies skin during night sleep
  • Re-plumps skin, offering a smoother, younger-looking complexion

A multidimensional mechanism that reaches a new level in skin’s protection and regeneration. A revolutionary gel-balm with white peony, patented propolis and pumpkin extracts that offers an overnight new looking skin and an ultimate reboot action. In the morning, the face looks rested and smoothed, revealing a glowing plumped skin.

  • It improves collagen, elastin & hyaluronic acid synthesis, offering a well-hydrated, more elastic, younger-looking skin, thanks to the patented propolis extract, plant glycogen and natural glycoin
  • It enhances the oxygenation and reboots skin through deep detoxification during night sleep, thanks to Rodela Violacea microalgea
  • It retexturizes through a mild enzymatic peeling and re-plumps, thanks to pumpkin extract and AHA’s
  • It reveals a healthy glow and freshness thanks to white peony extract
  • It rejuvenates both skin and mood with ginger, lemon and rose essential oils

Water in this composition has been replaced by an antioxidant wild rose infusion.



Apivita Bee Radiant Smoothing & Reboot Night Gel-Balm,with White Peony, 50ml

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