Korres Saffron Orris ShowerGel 250ml.

Aromatic shower gel with moisturizing agents. Saffron notes are surrounded by the freshness of mandarin and the spicy, warm notes of nutmeg and sandalwood. The sage stands in the center along with the iris - blossom that gives the new Eau de Toilette a woody, paradoxically fragranced blend of sweet and aromatic powders.

The gold of the earth, the most precious seasoning, the flower of the Crocus is also known as Red Gold. It blooms once a year, for only two weeks, to follow the collection - a manual process, requiring skill and patience, to protect the fragile flower, a symbol of beauty, sensuality and longevity. As the distinct, rich saffron aroma blends harmoniously with notes of amber, iris, tobacco blossom and spices it brings to life four precious aroma compositions, a reference to the timeless art of perfumery, mixing sensations and sensations.

Korres Saffron Orris Shower Gel 250ml

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